Teaching Credential

Graduates of this program are eligible to be recommended for a California teaching credential. Students seeking to earn a credential or certification to teach in another state can work with our student services team, which will provide support and direction to identify the most direct and efficient path to local certification.

USC Rossier Credential Specialist Support

At the beginning of the program, each student receives a licensure guide specific to his or her state. The licensure guide details how to apply for a teaching credential after graduation.

Students also work with a USC Rossier Credential Specialist as they apply for their credential. USC Credential Specialists can answer students' questions and complete necessary paperwork that students must provide to the state. They also help students who are seeking a teaching credential outside of California explore their options. Options could include earning a California teaching credential, which then can be transferred to another state through interstate reciprocity, or applying directly for the local state's credential.

For a complete list of state-by-state testing requirements, visit our Certification Map. This site offers a simple way to determine the requirements needed to become a teacher in each state.

To learn more about USC Rossier's Credential Specialist support, contact an Admissions Counselor at 1-888-628-1872 or email us.