Differentiated Curriculum and Pedagogy for Gifted and High-Ability Students


While the major goal of the course is to recognize and nurture the talent and potential of gifted and high ability students, a concomitant goal of the course is to address how gifted education can provide the “spill-over effect,” or the means by which the tenets of gifted education can be generalized to affect the education of all students. The issue of the isolation versus impact of gifted education on general education is an ever-present concern. Differentiation of curriculum and pedagogy for gifted students provides the foundation for understanding what could constitute academic rigor, challenge, and advanced learning for ALL learners. The multiple elements and models proposed to design and implement differentiated curriculum and differentiated pedagogy will be emphasized to determine the answers to these questions: (a) What constitutes differentiated curriculum and instruction?, (b) How are differentiated curriculum and instruction developed and implemented?, and (c) How are differentiated and regular curriculum and instruction related? Acquiring the knowledge and the skills needed to articulate and design the progression from a regular or basic to a differentiated to an individualized curriculum is a primary outcome of this course.