Lauren Sullivan

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

Education: MEd with a focus in Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs
Location: Lubbock, Texas 
Occupation: Senior Director, Office of Student Affairs, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I bring a unique perspective to class projects and discussions because I work at a health sciences center that services the largest contiguous populated rural area in the United States. This has created an opportunity for me to learn about leading initiatives in delivering health care and education across the state and nation. Innovative technology shrinks distances and creates opportunities in commerce, as well as education and health care delivery, which benefit both local communities and the state as a whole.

As a senior director for the Office of Student Affairs, I am constantly engaged in learning about the current forces that are transforming higher education and affecting student affairs. Ensuring the Office of Student Affairs is an environment that creates a culture of competency, satisfaction and inclusion both on campus and online is what drives me. I am committed to adding value to the college student experience by performing my job with a student-centered philosophy and creating chances for students to engage, learn and develop.

What initially attracted you to the Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership program?

The EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership curriculum will provide me with the education to strengthen my knowledge about interpreting data to better assess priorities and identify key performance indicators for the university. Forecasting trends within admissions can affect both recruitment and enrollment goals. Gaining information about educational leadership will mold me to become a trailblazer in my department and institution. I want to be able to lead a team effectively and transparently. The dissertation in practice will create a definitive learning experience for me as a student affairs practitioner whose interests lie in quality improvement. Expanding my experience with quality improvement will improve my abilities to increase efficiency, develop effective change and improve systems and processes.

Why did you choose USC Rossier School of Education?

I need a superior education that can establish me as a professional who can develop strategies for teams, forecast future needs, make data-driven decisions and value the complexity of the evolving system of higher education.

Why did you choose an online program?

The USC Rossier School of Education provides live face-to-face classes that create a high-quality education. I can live and travel anywhere in the world and still be in the classroom on Tuesday nights. The distance education platform connects me to nationally recognized professors and experts, as well as colleagues with professional backgrounds that include NASA, the American Hospital Association, LAUSD, the DEA, the Aerospace Corporation and various institutes of higher education. I cannot imagine having this phenomenal opportunity for learning and networking with any other online program.

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