Fredrica Piphus Singletary

Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

Education: MBA, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, Lipscomb University
BS, Psychology, Tennessee State University
Location: Nashville, Tenn. 
Occupation: Program Operations Project Manager, Mercy Ministries of America

What initially attracted you to the Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership program?

The dissertation in practice initially attracted me to the Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership program. One of my ultimate goals is to consult and solve problems for organizations, so the idea of collaborating with an organization and working to solve its problems while completing my EdD under the direction of industry experts seemed like the ideal fit for me.

Why did you choose USC Rossier School of Education?

I chose USC Rossier School of Education for many reasons. I was drawn to its focus on innovation and collaboration along with its prestigious reputation as a leader in urban education worldwide. However, USC Rossier’s commitment to student development both during and after their matriculation solidified my choice.

Why did you choose an online program?

I chose an online program because I wanted a program that would not penalize me for working full-time but would instead promote the application of course knowledge in my workplace. While this program is primarily online, the level of interaction between faculty and students has created a unique learning experience where I am able to glean information and insights from the diverse perspectives of my cohorts who are living anywhere from Los Angeles to Boston to Abu Dhabi.

What is your current profession, and what do you hope to achieve with an EdD?

I am blessed to work for an international nonprofit where I am able to fulfill my passion of serving and empowering women. As the program operations project manager, I develop and implement policies and procedures to promote efficiency and program excellence across the organization.

Ultimately, I would like to use the knowledge gained from this EdD to develop dynamic mentoring programs for women and underrepresented minorities, to consult with organizations facing systemic issues and, one day, to revitalize the economic, educational and cultural landscape of my childhood neighborhood in Ohio.

How do you define organizational change?

Organizational change is the transformation process that occurs when a company transitions from its current processes to processes that will produce greater impact and efficiency.

How do you define leadership?

I define leadership through this simple equation: Leadership = Vision + Strategy + Execution.

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